Deep Throat
Director: Gerard Damiano
Cast: Linda Lovelace, Harry Reems.

Nurse Lovelace. 

                                                      Harry Reems gets the tonsil treatment.
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Unsatisfied with her copious sexual shenanigans, due to not "hearing any bells ringing" (i.e. not capable of having an orgasm) Linda Lovelace goes to see Dr Young (Harry Reems) to find out why she cannot have a mind-blowing orgasm.   After some investigation Dr Young finds out that Miss Lovelace's clitoris  is located deep down inside her throat (there is a map out there somewhere for those who know not the proper location for this!) and he prescribes that the only way she can experience a real orgasm is by performing "deep throat" (a method of fellatio akin to sword swallowing) on her lovers, therefore, reaching her clitoris, and setting off the rockets and fireworks, bursting dams and bells that she has been waiting all her sexual life for.

Miss Lovelace's first dose of prescribed treatment is handed out by Dr Young,  to amazing success, after which Dr Young takes her on as a physiotherapist, to help release the pent up sexual angst and hang ups of his male patients, whilst also dosing out daily treatment to Miss Lovelace.

WARNING! Dangers of deep throat:-  Mostly taking its toll on attractiveness, with a wind tunnel G-Force type effect on the mouth during the act, as well as a seemingly excessively runny nose, which I guess would solve any lubrication problems, euuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Deep Throat was the first porno film to be shot (oh, oh here we go) with something resembling a real budget.  It was shot for $24,000 over a period of six days, a sum that was unheard of to be spent (well it is slightly better than "splashed out") on a porn flick.   So there is actually some acting, and some funny, but terribly predictable porn associated jokes in there (not another one?).  With it's big budget for a porn film Deep Throat began the phenomena of porno chic, with its high production values, acting sequences and comedic moments, all be it bad jokes!  It is reported to have grossed in excess of $600m, one a hell of a profit margin, which a ton of mainstream Hollywood films could do with!

Linda Lovelace (real name Linda Susan Boreman, born 1949 in New York) was the first porno superstar, infamous for this film, but never reaching the height of it's success again with any of her other films like Linda Lovelace For President (1976) where a band of officials cannot decide on a presidential candidate until someone jokes about using Linda Lovelace which they then proceed to do.  Featuring the presence of Mickey Dolenz from The Monkeys, as a blind (slight exaggeration!), stressed out campaign bus driver.

Linda changed direction from porno superstar in the '70's to feminist anti-porn campaigner, claiming that her Husband and manager Chuck Traynor, forced her to be in porn films beginning in seedy loops for $50 a time, seemingly several times at gun point .  Linda claimed she received dozens of beatings from Chuck during her career, and after escaping him made this direction change.  Several  autobiographies about Linda that have been written, one which was orchestrated by Traynor, which cultivated her as a fun loving, free loving sex icon, and one actually by Linda (Ordeal) claiming all that was known about her previous to this point was lies put out there by Chuck, and going on to detail the years of abuse she received at his hands.

Several other female porn stars have commented on this, claiming that if Linda was indeed abused by Chuck, that this is not standard in the industry, at least the US porn industry.  Many of Linda's contemporaries, having moved on to real acting or many other varied professions.  Annie Sprinkle currently tours the world giving lectures on sex for couples I believe (well a mate told me, honest!) as well as comedy shows.  Ginger Lynn Allen works in the movie industry in Hollywood now, doing B Movies (Buried Alive 1988 with Donald Pleasence and John Carradine, and turning up a few years ago in a Metallica music video).   Ashlyn Gere moved to regular acting too, being seen in the last few years in an episode of The X Files.    Ron Jeremy popping up (and up!) in cameo's in any movie he can get into, and often ending up on the cutting room floor!  Of course not forgetting Marilyn Chambers famous for Behind The Green Door (1972) and Insatiable (1980), whom after a brilliant performance in David Cronenberg's Rabid (aka Rage, 1977), should have moved onto more regular acting after a promising start in a non adult movie.  But seemed to have mostly stuck with (oooohh! that's bad!) porn after it.  So the word seems to be that Linda's abuse in the industry was at the hands of her manager Chuck Traynor, and is not a normal situation for the US porn Industry.  And one person even said that this all came out in the autobiographies because Lovelace was unhappy that her career did not continue to sky rocket after Deep Throat!

After her stint as porno sword swallowing superstar and feminist anti porn campaigner, Linda took another turn around a few years ago by posing for a photo shoot in porn mag Leg Show (so I was told!).  And then coming out saying that Deep Throat changed the sex lives of some couples, and that maybe it wasn't such a bad thing after all (paraphrasing of course!)

So who saw it?  Seemingly Jack Nicholson, Gregory Peck, Frank Sinatra, Warren Beatty,  and well anybody else who happened to be in town at the time.   Several of its followers came out in support of the film, when Harry Reems and most of the people who worked on the film were arrested for transporting obscene material and the film was banned in New York.  The court case eventually crashed, the ban lifted and moviegoers came in there thousands (that's terrible!) to see it.

Linda Lovelace died in April 2002, after being injured in a car crash.   Remember her as starting the porn chic phenomena, as a hypocrite feminist anti-porn campaigner, as an abused misled girl, or whether she actually should have been president!?  No further comment needed on that!  But whether you try to remember her or forget her the greatest portion of the civilised/syphilised world will remember her as the on screen portrayer of Deep Throat that infamous PORN movie that almost everybody you ask has heard of, but still a few don't admit to having seen!

Gerard Damiano dies at 80.
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